You might be wondering... why sixteen twenty? Sixteen Twenty is representative of Plymouth, MA and the year that it was founded - 1620. And by the way - if you're from Plymouth and just had an "ah-ha" moment... shame on you! Just kidding :) Plymouth, MA is a historic for of course the monumental Plymouth Rock and of Mayflower... but most importantly for being America's Hometown -- thanks Pilgrims! We want to pay dues to our hometown and all it has to offer, thats why we provide Plymouthians and visitors with 'sixteen twenty' apparel that says so much... yet so little about everything Plymouth!

sixteen twenty was founded in December 2017 while Alyssa, Pam & Rob Smith chatted (while sipping a cold beverage) about potential tee shirt ideas for their beloved hometown.

Alyssa, graduated in May, 2018 with a degree in fashion merchandising and marketing and had the desire to provide some great sustainable apparel choices for not only America's hometown, but for visitors of Plymouth and beyond. 

Pam, mom to Alyssa and owner of creative pear marketing & design (located in Plymouth) has the marketing background to help startup companies get off the ground and stand apart from the competition.

It's a good fit, right?

You don't have to live in Plymouth to wear our line, you just have to want great quality, casual apparel that is the perfect combination of simplicity and uniqueness.   Locals and visitors alike deserve to look good and let's face it... with less than 3% of the clothing worn being actually made in the United States, we are determined to make a difference, at least in America's hometown.

So, visit our website often, or our new store location! - we will feature new items frequently, otherwise life would get boring. Our line includes certified organic clothing and will be made in the USA.  At our store, located in downtown Plymouth at 170 Water Street, Village Landing Marketplace, you can also find great gift items.

In addition to providing sustainable clothing, we are working with our hometown community by mentoring other marketing students, and often participate in local fundraisers.  We love giving back to Plymouth and we have some great ideas in the making on fun ways to do this! 

Making Plymouth proud.  Hometown Apparel.